Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter Training Up to Christmas 2011

Christmas means many things to alot of people

Personally it means a period of at least a week off work and therefore the opportunity to get some quality time on the bike

Having started to pick up the training somewhat over

Throughout December training and riding has looked something like this

Monday's- Day off/ Gym session for core stability and muscular endurance (25+ reps)
Tuesday's- Sessions of up to 1 hour on the Rollers concentrating on pedal technique
Wednesday's- Gym Sessions concentrating on muscular endurance and core stability
Thursdays - Steady low level aerobic sessions of up to 1 hour on rollers or turbo trainer
Friday- Off
Saturday - LSD Long Steady Distance Road Ride of up to 90 miles. Flat to rolling roads
Sunday - LSD Long Steady Distance Road Ride of up to 60 miles. Rolling to Hilly roads

Christmas means a superovercompensation training week with at least 4 rides of in excess of 50 miles

While to some people this may seem to be not a huge distance at my personal level of fitness it will effectively increase my weekly volume by over 50% and therefore must be done with control to ensure the body is able to cope with the additional stress.

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