Thursday, 22 December 2011

2011- a bad year personally cycling wise

After a year off racing in 2011 I feel that it's now time to concentrate, focus and achieve something on the bike in 2012
2011 was a poor year for me on the bike however I had other things to focus throughout the year and managed to stay relatively fit without having a level of racing fitness.
I climbed Jebel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in October

Scaled Ben Nevis- the highest Mountain in the UK in November and also went skiing for the first time. (Pamporovo Bulgaria March 2011)

Sadly cycling took less of a priority in early 2011 due to personal issues and a knee injury caused by a period of running which was supposed to help strengthen my body for cycling in 2012. This actually meant I had to take things easier up until November 2011 when my body was finally strong enough for the rigours of road cycling.

Ideally I'd have loved to have riden some cyclocross during winter 2011 however the knee problems meant that I never felt 100% confident in dismounting the bike at speed.

The plan is onwards and upwards for 2012


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