Saturday, 28 January 2012

Riding Rollers is really affecting my muscles

Having spent a lot of time recently riding rollers I've started to realise that they really are developing my pedal stroke

What I've learnt- My pedal action is weak over the top half of the pedalling action.

  • Previously my pedal stroke was weak on the initial activation phase of the power phase. Ranging from 12 to 3 on the clock face. 
How I know this- I'm finding a lot of extra effect on my backside (gluteus maximus) which is the muscle responsible. I've found significant muscle soreness to this area post workout on the rollers
  • Weakness in the hip flexors
The hip flexors are responsible from between 9 and 12 on the clock face and the dragging forward of the foot over the top of the pedal stroke

Hopefully continued riding on the rollers will continue to help myself develop strength in these areas and I've also started more glute and hip flexor targeted gym work too

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'll be riding for the Samcycling Race Team in 2012

Way back last year I was offered the opportunity to ride for a new team due to set up within the East Midlands for 2012 through the Internet cycling retailer Samcycling.

The team will feature 5 riders initially and is a great step forward for myself and has given me renewed emphasis to progress within my cycling.

The Team will be sponsored by

Oxyburn Base layers (part of the Worik) group of companies
C Originals Cycling Helmets

See more details of the team at the Samcycling Race Team Blog and view my personal bio on theire too

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Why all cyclists should use a set of rollers

I got myself a set of rollers a couple of years ago and have to admit I've hardly used them up until this winter. Having had 18 months away from serious cycling I needed something to help me work on my pedalling technique and I've found the rollers are fantastic for just that

I've found that the key benefits of using a set of rollers are

  1. Improved balance whilst cycling.
  2. Improved pedal stroke efficiency and more even power output throughout the pedal stroke.
  3. Improvement in bike handling due to the need to ride consistently in a straight line.
  4. Kinaesthetic feedback to help detect weaknesses in your pedalling technique.
  5. Low resistance of the rollers means I find I have less likelihood of pushing myself too hard- Maybe this is just a mental effect as you get a great workout on the rollers.
If you're looking for a great article on how to ride rollers I recommend

How To Ride Indoor Bicycling Training Rollers

Good luck with your training.