Saturday, 11 February 2012

The new bike is here- Planet X RT-57 with Sram Red

After a trip up to Rotherham I now have my new bike ready for the 2012 racing season. A new Planet X RT-57

Here are a few images on arrival. More to follow and a full review on the rt-57 coming in future,

As I hope you can see from the photos this bike looks fantastic and should be a fantastic race bike.
Fantastic looking Planet X RT 57 with Sram Red Group 

This bike looks fantastic although I had to have a slight change to the spec offered by Planet X as they had run out of 172.5 cranks and had to subsequently order me in a Sram Red Chainset instead of the Sram Red Aero chainset they were originally offering. However I actually prefer this chainset option.
Sram Red Chainset on Planet X RT-57
The only deviation from a full Sram Groupset is that the bike comes fitted with Planet X's own brand CNC Ultralight brakeset. I've heard mixed views of some CNC brakesets so will see what they're like in terms of performance in relation to my old ultegra and dura-ace brakesets
Planet X CNC Brakes fitted with Swisstop Brake Pads on Planet X RT 57
One thing that strikes you upon initial viewing is the sheer magnitude of the seat-stays and chainstays which are pretty bulky so should provide fantastic power transfer.
Rear end of the Planet X RT 57 featuring Sram Red and Ultralight CNC brakes

It's now time for a ride on the new bike me thinks! Hope you like the photos
Read a full review of the Planet X RT57


  1. hi, i am also 3rd cat hopping to get 2nd, i am looking at getting rt-57 frame, and putting dura-ace group set 7800 from my old broken prolite frame, can you see any snags i might come across apart from the bottom braket? i guess its a racing position rather than sportive would you say? thats what i am after

  2. Thanks for your comment ranger505

    As per Planet X's website they've not really labelled this frameset for any particular use except for fast hard riding. The headtube isn't high up like a sportive bike usually tends to be spec'd so you can equip this frame for whatever you want. Mine's set up with a low and long front end for road racing.

    In terms of BB30 bottom brackets, chainsets and Dura-ace 7800 I believe you can fit BB30 bottom bracket cups and then a shim/ adapter which allows you to use the narrower crank spindle of the 7800.

  3. How are you finding the RT57? Is it stiff enough for racing?

    I remember when it was launched they claimed it was a sportive frame but now they seem to say it is racier the bike radar review says its aggressive.

    Looking to replace a Bianchi vi anirone alu carbon - carbon stays with something lighter and stiffer.

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  5. Just looking at one these now myself- how have you got on with it?