Sunday, 22 April 2012

Can a cyclist use a MacDonalds Drive Thru?

For give me father for I have sinned. And i've sinned on a number of occassions. Yes I have eaten at MacDonalds. I know it's not good for me and I know my 'foodie friends' will likely lower their opinions of me. 

But a question arose today in that
Can a cyclist use a MacDonalds Drive Thru?
 I have to admit that yes- I have personally gone through MacDonald's Drive Thru on my bike in the past at the Arnold Branch which is relateively local to me. I've had a few funny looks but effectively I've been through and been served. No problems

Today was a different story however. After a 4 hour Sunday Morning training ride (of which a huge chunk was into a full in head wind!) I bonked and hit the wall big time going along the local ring road. I went from motoring along in the 53-17 with not a care in the world to struggling to even turn the pedals- at which point I saw that might M sign in the distance and saw it as an opportunity to take in some much needed carbohydrate and satisfy an unhealthy MacFlurry fetish I have as well.

I rode along the road for the drive through and stopped at the ordering point waiting for those magic word's- "Can I take your order" but it never came.

I waited

and I waited

and then a member of staff came out and explained that being on the bike I wasn't triggering off their sensors. Not a problems I thought- I'm sure this guy will take my order, sorted...

But it wasn't ok. I was told that cyclists weren't able to use the Drive Thru facilities and that it was a matter of health and safety in case I rolled up to the window to pay and someone drove through the back of me. Therefore they didn't allow cyclists to use the Drive Thru.

I'm a 29 year old man on a road bike. Not a 12 year old on a potentially nicked BMX!

Sadly based on that logic the Highways Agency must be issuing warnings that cyclists can't use the roads in case a driver rides up the back of them!

So there's me in a vegetative state (those of you that have suffered the bonk will know exactly how difficult things can be) not able to get myself some food. Very very unhappy and MacDonald's Basford Nottingham minus about a Fiver as a result!

You may be asking- why not simply go inside?
Realistically why would I leave my bicycle outside the local Maccy D's and join the queue inside only to return and be minus a bike. There's no room inside to leave a bike from personal experience so I would have been taking a chance leaving my brand new bike outside MacDonalds.

Thank goodness the local Newsagent down the road was open and allowed me to wheel the bike inside while I purchased and many thanks to them.

Have you been able to go through your local MacDonalds on your bike? Please let me know

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  1. I succeeded! They stared at me like I had two heads though. And the Mickey D's did not sit well on the second half of the century.